15 May 2013

NCEA gets first pass mark from parents

7:13 am on 15 May 2013

For the first time since it started 10 years ago, NCEA is backed by more than half of parents, a survey has found.

The Council for Educational Research surveyed teachers, school trustees and parents on their experiences with the school qualifications system.

Of parents surveyed, 54% said they were happy with NCEA, while those who weren't supportive of the system were neutral or uncertain rather than opposed.

NCEA was backed by 95% of principals, 74% of trustees and 69% of teachers.

Report author Rosemary Hipkins says support from parents has been increasing as people have become better at understanding the system.

She says the major flaw in the system is in teachers' workloads, which have increased since NCEA began due to its focus on internal assessments.