14 May 2009

Prostitution letter sent to wrong people

7:21 pm on 14 May 2009

The daughter of an elderly couple falsely accused of cruising in an area notorious for street prostitution says she will lay a complaint with the Privacy Commission.

Auckland group Papatoetoe Reclaiming Our Streets sent a letter to Sally Hoani's parents claiming their car was seen in the Hunters Corner area after dark.

Miss Hoani says her mother, 78, and her father, aged 83, live in the Bay of Islands and have never driven their car in Auckland.

She says the pink letter is headed with her parents' car registration and warns their details will be posted on a public website.

Miss Hoani says the letter has caused her parents significant distress and is furious that the group has not apologised.

A group member, John McCracken, admits they made a mistake.

The Privacy Commission says Miss Hoani has several good grounds for a complaint.