28 May 2013

Port Waikato property damaged in 'tornado'

2:51 pm on 28 May 2013

A couple awoke to hear the roof being ripped off their Port Waikato house by what they believe was a tornado.

Chris Judd says he and his partner Linda Brasell were asleep at 6am on Tuesday when they heard what he describes as a gust of wind that kept building violently.

Mr Judd said he can't say it was definitely a tornado, but it did not seem like normal high winds and hadn't affected nearby homes.

The tin roof was carried more than 150 metres away and several trees were knocked down by the gusts. Windows were also smashed.

The Fire Service helped to put a tarpaulin over the property before the worst of the morning's rain and hailstorms set in.

Mr Judd says locals have been helping as the clean-up begins.

MetService cannot say whether a tornado hit the area, but says winds around parts of the North Island are very high.