18 May 2009

Sex Pistols singer fronts ads against NZ butter

5:07 pm on 18 May 2009

A British butter company is promoting its product by launching an advertising campaign against Anchor butter.

The ads, featuring former Sex Pistols front man John Lydon - aka Johnny Rotten - aim to set the record straight for the 39% of Britons who believe the New Zealand-made brand is British.

The print ads feature an image of the singer under the headline "Anchor's from New Zealand". Underneath, it reads "So, I buy Country Life cos I think it tastes best."

Federated Farmers Dairy chairman Lachlan McKenzie thinks the campaign is unlikely to threaten Anchor sales in Britain.

Mr McKenzie says the product's taste will take priority over its country of origin for consumers.

He says New Zealand's grass fed cattle produce a better tasting butter than do British grain fed cows, with a higher fat content.

Country Life marketing director for the butter brand Paul Fraser says the British public cares about buying local products and many people are mistaken about Anchor's origin.

Mr Fraser says the campaign is not about attacking New Zealand, because if Anchor was from Timbuktu the company would point that out as well.

He says Country Life has a much smaller market share than Anchor but is the fastest growing brand in the UK.