18 May 2009

Many teen sex offenders 'miss out on treatment'

5:08 pm on 18 May 2009

The lawyer for a 16-year-old charged with sexual violation says his client is likely to miss out on treatment that could reduce his risk of reoffending, due to his age.

The only programmes available for sexual offenders are Te Poutama Arahi Rangatahi, a two-year national residential programme for youth aged up to 17, and Kia Marama, available only to offenders over the age of 20.

Lawyer Alister James' told Nine to Noon his client was sentenced to a three-year prison term for sexual violation but is unable to attend Te Poutama Arahi Rangatahi because he would turn 17 before completing it.

He says sexual offenders from the ages of 16 to 19 effectively miss out on treatment.

He that young people like his client, who have no guarantee that they will receive the treatment they require, are at risk of reoffending.