3 Jun 2013

Landslip residents waiting for all-clear

10:22 pm on 3 June 2013

Up to 35 people are still not allowed back into their homes after a massive slip in Wellington left houses on the edge of a precipice.

Some of the worst affected homes.

Some of the worst affected homes. Photo: RNZ

The city council says with rain forecast for Tuesday, there will be no quick decision on allowing residents to return.

Eight properties remain off-limits in the suburb of Berhampore on Monday, including three which are precariously overhanging the edge of the slip.

Tonnes of soil fell away early on Saturday, forcing about 110 people to flee their houses and a rest home.

Wellington City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean said residents have been allowed to collect belongings from some homes, but 15 occupants of the three most affected houses can't go back.

Mr MacLean said on Monday that engineers want to assess the impact of any rain on the slip and surrounding land before allowing the other evacuees to return.

Security guards are patrolling the street to stop anyone from entering the properties.

About half of the people evacuated have found their own accommodation, while the rest are staying in motels.