20 May 2009

Father sad no further action taken over rugby injuries

5:40 pm on 20 May 2009

The father of a young rugby player with brain damage says he is sad but not surprised officials have taken no further action over head injuries.

Mike Sabin's son Darryl, 18, remains in a coma after he was knocked out while playing in a club game in Northland in April.

Mr Sabin has been pressing for a regional register and a ban on players with a history of head injuries.

However, the Northland Rugby Union says that should be done at a national level.

Mr Sabin says if there had been a regional register, he would not be sitting by his son's bedside not knowing if he will ever wake up.

He says the New Zealand Rugby Union generally ignores the issue of head injuries at club level, and apart from one phone call, the union has offered his family no support.