8 Jun 2013

Call for companies to engage with schools

9:54 am on 8 June 2013

A Canterbury business expert says firms in Christchurch need to engage with local schools to ensure the city gets the workers it needs during the rebuild.

Canterbury Development Corporation chief executive Tom Hooper says businesses should work with schools to make sure they know what the firms need, but to also let them know what opportunities are available.

But he says there has to be a balance to make sure the city doesn't develop a generation of construction workers who leave when the rebuild is finished.

Mr Hopper spoke at the Eye on Education and Industry forum, a series of meetings between schools and industry in Christchurch being held every four to six weeks.

Canterbury Employer's Chamber Peter Townsend also attended the forum and says schools are reluctant to get involved with companies, mainly because of busy curriculum activity.

But he says one of the easy ways to get better integration is to get parents who are involved in business actively involved in schools.