22 May 2009

Port boss sacked after refusing to resign

6:24 pm on 22 May 2009

The chairperson of New Zealand's largest port has been sacked after refusing a request to resign.

Garry Judd had been chairperson of Ports of Auckland for three years.

His sacking comes after a drop in the dividend paid to sole shareholder Auckland Regional Holdings, the business arm of Auckland Regional Council.

The port is Auckland Regional Holdings' biggest commercial asset. This year its profits have fallen, resulting in a much smaller dividend.

Mr Judd says Auckland Regional Holdings asked him to resign, telling him he had an unhelpful approach and had not understood its needs as a shareholder.

Mr Judd refused and says he received a letter about two weeks later informing him he had been sacked.

Auckland Regional Holdings chairperson Judith Bassett says Mr Judd communicated poorly with the company and refused to shed any light on how he planned to improve dividends.