13 Jun 2013

Others should share blame, says former board chair

7:31 am on 13 June 2013

A supporter of a principal sacked for not doing enough to protect children from a paedophile teacher says it is not fair the former head is taking all the blame.

Stephen Hovell this week lost his bid to get his job back as principal of Pamapuria School.

He was dismissed in February in the wake of multiple convictions against former deputy principal James Parker for child sex offences.

The Employment Relations Authority declined Mr Hovell's appeal, saying he didn't do enough to protect the children.

The former chair of the school's board of trustees says Mr Hovell is a good man who made mistakes, and so did many others.

Ian Bamber points to police, the Teacher Registration Board - now the Teachers' Council - Child Youth and Family and the School Trustees Association.

Mr Bamber told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme that nothing will be learned unless everything that went wrong is examined.