15 Jun 2013

Crew stranded on board seized Korean ship

6:11 pm on 15 June 2013

A South Korean logging ship anchored in Poverty Bay has been seized following a High Court order. The 23-strong crew remain on board the vessel.

The ship's Korean owners went into receivership last week, and receivers acting for the company's creditors sought an order to detain the ship which is currently 2km from the shore.

The 27,000 tonne New Giant was to have docked at Gisborne this week to load logs but the port company has denied it access out of concerns it could become stranded alongside the wharf.

It cannot be moved without High Court approval and there is no indication at this stage how long the ship might have to stay off the coast of Gisborne.

The writ detaining it has been taped to the ship's side and the captain has been given a copy.

A shipping agent says the crew have provisions to last a further couple of weeks.