24 Jun 2013

Move to keep rebuild costs secret 'unfair'

3:07 pm on 24 June 2013

Some councillors are criticising the Christchurch City Council's move to keep financial details of the earthquake-hit city's rebuild a secret until after they have debated the Draft Three-Year Plan.

The council is meeting from Monday for next three days to discuss the plan, including what projects it will focus on, how much it will cost and where the money will come from.

Last week, the council voted on how the cost of the city's rebuild would be split between the council and the Government but is keeping the result confidential until later this week.

One councillor, Yani Johanson, said it is unfair to keep the public in the dark over details of the cost of the earthquake recovery.

Mr Johanson said the cost-sharing information should have been made public before the council began debating the three-year plan.