29 Jun 2013

DHB investigates after Wellington stabbing

3:12 pm on 29 June 2013

The Capital and Coast District Health Board is investigating how a mental health patient was able to flee from a vehicle, leading to an altercation in which another man received serious stab wounds.

Police say mental health staff were taking the 22-year-old man to Wellington Hospital on Friday when he leapt from the vehicle in the suburb of Karori.

St Teresa's School and West Karori School were told to keep students inside that afternoon as the police searched the area.

Police say they were called by a 21-year-old man who told them he had been stabbed at a Karori house.

Not long after, they found the patient at a nearby property.

Officers had to spend some time talking to the man before he could be taken into custody without force. He had self-inflicted minor stab wounds.

The DHB is investigating the incident, and the police are waiting for the victim to further recover so he can be interviewed for more information.