29 Jun 2013

Power restored to Wellington houses

9:58 pm on 29 June 2013

Lines company, Wellington Electricity, says it has restored power to all customers in the region, more than a week after the network was hit by a severe storm.

Repair crews have been working up to 15 hours a day since the storm tore through the region on Thursday last week, cutting power to 30,000 homes and businesses.

The company's chief executive, Greg Skelton, is praising their work saying they have done a sensational job.

Wellington Electricity managed to restore most people's power just a few days after the storm, but several hundred had to wait a week for it to complete the more difficult repairs.

The lines company says anyone who is still without power should contact it.

It says a small number of vacant houses have not been reconnected because it cannot contact their owners.

The company says the cost of the repairs could be as high as $5 million and more work still needs to be done to restore the battered network.