30 Jun 2013

Anti-fluoridation campaign moves to Auckland

9:59 am on 30 June 2013

Some of the people behind a successful campaign to stop water fluoridation in Hamilton have set their sights on Auckland.

Fluoride Free Auckland has started a petition to rid the city's entire public water supply of fluoride.

About 100 people turned out to a meeting called by group in the inner city suburb of Freeman's Bay on Saturday.

One of the organisers, Marina Waterhouse, lives in Onehunga where the water is not fluoridated, and says it is not fair that other people in the city have no choice.

Most of the Auckland group's designated experts had been involved in the Hamilton campaign.

Hamilton City Council voted on 5 June to end fluoridation of the city's water supply, a move criticised by health officials who said fluoridation helps dental health and there is no evidence it is harmful.