4 Jun 2009

NZ Post, union clash over safety claims

8:08 pm on 4 June 2009

New Zealand Post says posties' days off due to injury have halved since brightly-coloured safety gear was introduced.

However, the posties' union says the figures have been massaged more than injured workers' limbs.

In April 2008, the company issued high-visibility helmets and mail bags to go with fluorescent clothing that posties were wearing.

Since then, 50 posties have been hurt badly enough to need time off - down from 106 the previous year.

The Postal Workers' Federation says the figures are being massaged, as members are pressured to return to light duties - or even fake jobs.

It says posties face peer pressure, as bonuses are cancelled if too much time is lost.

But New Zealand Post says total safety incidents, including near-misses, are also falling.