24 Jun 2009

Masterton continues lucky Lotto streak

10:16 pm on 24 June 2009

New Zealand's biggest ever jackpot prize to date has gone to a ticket bought in Masterton, continuing the town's streak of Lotto success.

The winner scooped first and second division of the Big Wednesday draw, earning nearly $37 million in cash, travel, cars and other prizes.

The ticket was sold at the Kuripuni Lotto and Post Shop, which also sold a winning Lotto ticket of $500,000 last week.

Another $5 million Lotto prize, also sold in Masterton last week, went to a couple who live in the North Island town.

Nearly 5 million Lotto tickets were sold this week, 10 times the normal amount.

After 21 weeks without a winner, Big Wednesday's first division was the longest-running jackpot in the history of New Zealand lotteries to date.

Previously, the most anyone could win was capped at $30 million.