29 Jun 2009

NZ round-the-world sailor to join anti-whaling protest

7:50 pm on 29 June 2009

New Zealand sailor Pete Bethune will join an anti-whaling protest group from Australia which plans to disrupt a Japanese whaling expedition in the Southern Ocean.

Japan asked Australia at a recent meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Spain to prevent the protesters aboard the Sea Shepherd from leaving port.

However, Mr Bethune says he plans to join the group with his speed boat Earthrace.

"The more we can disrupt them, hopefully the more expensive it become so for them to get down there and the fewer whales they start to take," he told Nine to Noon

He says the Japanese whalers make up to $1 million dollars for each whale they catch.

Pete Bethune broke a round-the-world speed record last year in Earthrace which is powered by renewable fuel.