5 Jul 2009

Father of crash victim rejects boy-racer label

4:09 pm on 5 July 2009

The father of one of the teenagers killed in a car crash in Invercargill is rejecting any suggestion the four were boy racers.

Jesse Langeveld, 19, and his passengers Tyler Parry and Ethan Peek, both aged 16, died when the modified Honda Civic spun out of control on Leven Street early on Friday morning.

The sole survivor, Shawn Milne, 16, is in a stable condition in Southland Hospital.

In the hours after the crash, police said the car may have been racing another.

Tyler Parry's father, John Parry, says the tag 'boy racer' is incorrect. It was a case of "wrong place, wrong time, wrong decision," he says.

However Mr Parry says the boy racer community must take heed of the deaths.

"If I could put Tyler on TV and just show these young people that are boy racers, maybe it might curb it, slow them down. At the end of the day my son's dead, and he's only 16."

More than 300 people have poured through the Parry household this weekend to pay tribute. Funerals for the boys will be held this week.

Crash investigators are seeking sightings of another vehicle that arrived to help the dead and injured.

Inspector Olaf Jensen says police are still seeking sightings of a white Honda Civic, which is classed as a modified vehicle, that arrived at the scene shortly after the crash.

He says the police inquiry will consider whether the two cars were racing.