11 Jul 2009

Fertility law change hailed

9:21 pm on 11 July 2009

A law change this week allowing frozen eggs to be used in fertility treatment is seen by a fertility clinic as giving patients new hope.

Women have been able to freeze eggs since 2005. Unlike frozen embryos, however, the eggs could not be thawed for use in fertility treatments.

An advisory committee on assisted reproductive technology last year recommended to the Health Minister that the use of frozen eggs become an established procedure. The change was officially gazetted this week.

Fertility Associates says it's good news for women who have cancer and want to conceive with their own eggs after treatment.

Pointing out that many other countries already use frozen human eggs in fertility treatment, clinical director Richard Fisher says it gives women more options.

Thirty women currently have eggs frozen with Fertility Associates.

Dr Fisher says the technology is developing very quickly, but at the moment it is still more effective to freeze embryos.