25 Jul 2009

Ban on super swim-suit welcomed

11:55 am on 25 July 2009

A former national swimming coach is praising the sport's governing body, FINA, for moving to ban revolutionary swimming suits that have sent world records tumbling since last year.

The FINA general congress voted overwhelmingly in Rome on Friday to ban the polyurethane-based suits from 2010.

The ban would see all swimmers return to wearing traditional textile-based swim suits.

FINA president Julio Maglione of Uruguay, said that 158 countries backed the proposal.

The ban must still be approved by the FINA bureau, but former national coach Mark Bone says it's a step in the right direction.

Bone says it would stop swimmers gaining an unfair advantage over their fellow competitors.

He says the super suits are dictating results and often the best prepared athletes are not the ones who win.

Bone says many world records broken by swimmers using polyurethane suits, should not stand.