28 Jul 2009

Shortage of scaffolders widespread, says industry group

10:04 am on 28 July 2009

Scaffolders are calling for their occupation to be reinstated to a Government list of skills in short supply.

The job was one of 44 occupations dropped from the Immediate Skill Shortage List in June.

Scaffolding and Rigging New Zealand president Graham Burke wants the decision overturned because he says staff shortages are widespread and the job is specialised.

The Registered Master Builders Federation says the removal may have been premature and it would endorse a review of the decision.

There are 1,500 registered scaffolders in New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand says scaffolding was removed as evidence showed New Zealanders were available across the country to fill the gaps.

Service delivery group manager Steve Cantlon said in a statement that if New Zealanders are not available to fill such gaps, temporary work permits will still be issued for those who can.

Eighty-seven jobs remain on the skill shortage list.