6 Aug 2009

Tip Top recalls icecream

9:38 pm on 6 August 2009

Tip Top is recalling some icecream packs because they may contain minute pieces of metal.

The company says a maintenance check revealed abnormal wear on a metal component in one of its icecream churns.

The four products are sold only in the North Island. They are three Weight Watchers twin packs in 125 ml and 145 ml sizes with a "best-before date" from 23 to 30 July and a Moritz Dolce Vita product in single serve and 4 x 145 ml multi-pack, dated best before 27 July.

Tip Top managing director Alastair de Raadt says no metal has been found in the products so far. He says people should return the product to the store they bought it from, or ring the helpline on 0800 838 181.