19 Aug 2009

Hearing to make second bid at ruling on rugby brawl

3:17 pm on 19 August 2009

An Auckland Rugby Union disciplinary hearing into a brawl between two college teams will on Wednesday make its second attempt to come to a decision.

The hearing has been called to investigate the brawl, which broke out between Kelston Boys' High and Auckland Grammar players during Saturday's game. Spectators were also involved.

Disciplinary committee chairwoman Sarah-Jane Neville adjourned the meeting on Tuesday night after 90 minutes.

Ms Neville says the committee now knows who it want to hear from and what the main issues are. But she refused to elaborate after the meeting.

The meeting will reconvene at 5pm at Eden Park.

Kelston Boys' High says it has suspended seven students over the brawl.

As many as 2,500 people witnessed the fight in the final minutes of the semifinal match on Saturday. About 50 people, including spectators, were caught up in the brawl.

Auckland Grammar blames a Kelston player for starting the fight, while Kelston blames Auckland Grammar for a lack of crowd control.

Kelston principal Steve Watt has reviewed video evidence of the brawl and has interviewed players and spectators involved.

Mr Watt has suspended five members of the 1st XV for their involvement in the incident and two members of the 2nd XV who were spectators at the match but became involved.