25 Aug 2009

Motorway fine for running out of petrol supported

7:08 pm on 25 August 2009

Police and the Automobile Association are supporting a proposal to fine motorists who run out of petrol on Auckland's motorways.

The New Zealand Transport Agency is proposing a bylaw that would make it an offence to get stuck without fuel on the 72km Auckland motorway network.

Police and the Automobile Association agree, but the AA says any such plan would need to apply to motorways in other main centres.

Police say in just one three-week period officers attended 148 callouts to vehicles broken down without petrol or diesel on motorways.

They say it coincided with petrol prices going up and is making already congested roads an even worse hazard.

At present, people who run out of fuel can be charged with careless driving, but police say issuing infringement notices would be quicker.

Police are suggesting a $250 fine, however the AA believes that is too steep.

The New Zealand Transport Agency says it is waiting for feedback from all local authorities before it makes any decisions.