27 Aug 2009

Delamere says deported Samoans could regain entry

11:11 pm on 27 August 2009

Former Immigration Minister and immigration consultant Tuariki John Delamere says he believes hundreds of deported Samoan overstayers could regain entry to New Zealand.

In July, the court stated the removal orders should be reconsidered in a case involving two families.

The ruling has prompted Mr Delamere to fly to Samoa this week to talk to people deported from New Zealand about appealing their removal orders.

Mr Delamere told Morning Report the humanitarian needs of children and wives in cases of deported Samoans should have been considered.

Immigration New Zealand says it does not share what it calls Mr Delamere's "over-enthusiastic opinion of the implications of the Supreme Court's decision".

The agency says the decisions involved cases of three specific families.

However, head of legal services for the agency Graham Buchanan told Morning Report that he would be very surprised if the Supreme Court ruling provides much hope for people in Samoa who have been deported.

Mr Buchanan said that under the Immigration Act, any challenge to a decision by the department must be made within three months.