8 Sep 2009

Australian pharmacists offer free trial of P fighting tool

2:23 pm on 8 September 2009

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has offered the Government a free, 12-month trial of a voluntary online system used in Australian pharmacies to track sales of pseudoephedrine.

Pseudoephedrine is used in the manufacture of the drug methamphetamine, known as P.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia says its 'Project Stop' online system has contributed to a 42.5% reduction in the number of clandestine P labs operating there in the past four years.

Spokesperson Shaun Singleton says the guild has yet to hear back from the Government about the guild's offer.

In a report to the Prime Minister, John Key's chief science adviser Peter Gluckman has recommended rescheduling pseudoephedrine as a prescription-only drug or banning it altogether.

But Mr Singleton says those moves would punish New Zealanders with legitimate colds, and just shift the problem.

A Government spokesperson says Cabinet is yet to discuss Dr Gluckman's recommendations, but it is likely an announcement will be made in October.