8 Sep 2009

Second body found in Christchurch house examined

3:23 pm on 8 September 2009

The body of a woman found under the floorboards of a house is undergoing a post-mortem in Christchurch as police try to confirm she is missing 28-year-old Tisha Lowry.

Two bodies were located under the house in Wainoni Road at the weekend. The first was removed on Saturday and positively identified on Monday as the woman who lived at the house.

The second body was removed on Monday night, as Ms Lowry's tearful family members watched.

Ms Lowry disappeared without a trace in September last year and no one came forward with any information despite a $20,000 reward offered by police.

The house the bodies were discovered underneath is next door to where Ms Lowry was living at the time of her disappearance.

A 33-year-old contractor who lived at the house has been charged with murdering his wife. Their names are suppressed.

The accused is expected to face a second murder charge when he reappears in court on Friday.

Police have had to demolish much of the floor of the semi-detached weatherboard house and forensic work is continuing at the site on Tuesday.