12 Sep 2009

No support from district mayors if ARC goes to court against Govt

5:50 am on 12 September 2009

Neither the Franklin nor Rodney district mayors will support the Auckland Regional Council if it takes legal action against the Government over the size of the super-city.

The Auckland Governance Select Committee intends to give away half of the Rodney District and a small part of Franklin before the districts combine to make the super city next year.

ARC members unanimously agreed on Friday to oppose the plans and said legal action may be taken against the Government.

However, Rodney District Mayor Penny Webster and Franklin District Mayor Mark Ball say they will not support the action.

Mr Ball says part of the reason there needs to be a change in Auckland is the litigious nature of the ARC. He says it's in court almost all the time with local authorities.

And Ms Webster says the ARC should stop involving itself in Rodney matters.

Ms Webster says she finds it puzzling the ARC is getting so involved.

Boundary better further south - MP

Meanwhile, the MP for Hunua in the Franklin district says the proposed southern boundary should be moved further south as suggested by the Royal Commission.

Dr Paul Hutchison says the proposed southern boundary cuts through the middle of the two major towns of Franklin - Waiuku and Pukekohe.

He suggests the southern boundary be made as far south as possible