17 Sep 2009

High hopes for revolutionary stoat trap

4:16 pm on 17 September 2009

The Department of Conservation has revealed a revolutionary new trap for stoats that could radically cut the cost of pest control.

DoC plans to begin trialling the self-resetting trap in the wild next week.

The new plastic trap is attached to a tree. It lures stoats and rats from the ground, killing them and ejecting the carcass before resetting itself, up to 12 times.

Darren Peters, who works for the department's predator control group, says the resetting action is a world-first and will save millions of dollars because the traps do not need to be continually checked and reset.

The department currently spends about $10 million each year on stoat and rat control.

Mr Peters says the traps could eventually lead to eradicating stoats from New Zealand altogether.