18 Sep 2009

70 schools have leaky building syndrome: report

3:37 pm on 18 September 2009

An Auckland City Council report has identified 70 schools with leaky building syndrome - nearly double last year's number.

Last November, the Ministry of Education recorded 36 schools with buildings affected by leaks.

A report to the council's finance and strategy committee outlines legal action brought by the Ministry of Education about three schools with leaky buildings.

The council argued successfully that it owed no duty of care over non-residential buildings.

The report says the outcome could help resolve the situation for the 70 other known schools with leaky buildings. It does not list the schools involved.

No comment by ministry

The Ministry of Education has declined to comment on the report. A spokesperson says any comment has the potential to prejudice the ministry's legal position in terms of cost recovery from other interested parties.