23 Sep 2009

Bain's uncle should stop complaining, says Karam

3:11 pm on 23 September 2009

David Bain's chief supporter, Joe Karam, says Mr Bain's uncle should stop complaining about his trial and acquittal.

After a three-month retrial, David Bain was acquitted in June of the 1994 murders of five members of his family, including his father Robin, at their Dunedin home.

His uncle, Michael Bain, says he remains angry and disatisfied following the trial, because hearsay evidence of an incestuous relationship between Robin Bain and his daughter Laniet Bain was allowed to be heard.

Michael Bain has said the family rejects the hearsay evidence, but it appeared to be accepted as fact by the jury.

Mr Karam says members of the extended family wanted a new trial to set the matter to rest, and Michael Bain should stop complaining about the result.

Joe Karam says there was a vast amount of evidence the defence wanted to call at the trial, that was not permitted by the judge.