23 Sep 2009

School Trustees back national standards

3:11 pm on 23 September 2009

The School Trustees Association is now backing the Government over the introduction of controversial national standards for schools next year.

The Association has also expressed support for league tables that rank schools according to their results.

Its president, Lorraine Kerr, says secondary schools accept that people are "going to turn figures into league tables" and have "got over" it.

Ms Kerr says she is not sure how anyone could turn figures relating to primary schools into league tables, but those primary schools which are already reporting well to parents have nothing to worry about.

In the absence of a truly representative parent voice, the Government is arguing that last year's election win was a clear mandate for national standards.

It is pointing to a report on a six-week consultation over the standards, which the Minister of Education, Anne Tolley, says shows strong parental support.

However the Principals Federation says there is just as much variety of opinion among parents as there is among teachers and boards.