26 Sep 2009

Hijack accused moved to another prison until trial

7:17 pm on 26 September 2009

A woman accused of hijacking a domestic flight last year has been moved from prison in Christchurch to another in Wellington until her trial, because of her behaviour.

Asha Abdille is accused of hijacking an Air New Zealand flight in February last year and attacking the pilots and a passenger.

She is being held in custody until her trial.

She was scheduled to appear Friday in the Christchurch District Court on five other charges but was excused by Judge Stephen Erber who said she had been "cutting up rough" in Christchurch Women's Prison and had to be moved.

She is now in Arohata Women's Prison in Wellington. Her trial was supposed to be this month, but has been put off until next year. She has been in custody for 19 months.

Judge Erber said her next appearance will be in the Porirua District Court on other matters.

It is not known if these matters are connected to her behaviour at Christchurch Women's Prison.