28 Sep 2009

New thinking urgently needed on road safety, says AA...

9:44 pm on 28 September 2009

The Automobile Association is calling for big changes to the national road safety strategy.

In a document released Monday it says that the measures in place to 2010 have failed to reduce death and injury to projected levels, and that new thinking is urgently required.

AA motoring affairs general manager Mike Noon says there needs to be more of a move towards an injury prevention approach and away from a crime model.

The current approach, he says, "wrongly assumes that everyone involved in a crash is breaking the law", when in fact only mistakes have been made.

The Labour Party has welcomed the document, called Saving Ourselves, which comes as the road safety strategy for the next decade is being considered.

Labour transport safety spokesperson Darien Fenton says there's an awful lot of sense in the document, and also some eye-opening facts. The suggestion of a cross-party approach to road safety is also a new idea, she says.