29 Sep 2009

'P' alarm device invented for landlords

3:48 pm on 29 September 2009

Landlords are welcoming a new device which sends off an alert if a rental property is being used to manufacture methamphetamine, also known as "P".

Meth Minder has been developed by Anrai Detection Ltd in South Auckland, which says it is the first of its type in the world.

The device resembles a square smoke alarm and is installed on the ceiling. It detects specific gases given off when the drug 'P' is made and transmits an alert to the company.

It then passes the information onto the landlord and police.

Business development manager Geoff Dye says Meth Minder has been certified by an independent testing government agency and can either be bought or leased for around $50 per month.

The Property Investors Federation says landlords are growing increasingly concerned about "P" labs, so there is a real market for the product.

President Martin Evans says it is hard for landlords to detect drug operations on their own because they can be easily packed away prior to an inspection.

However, none of the devices have been activated as yet. Only a moderate number have been sold so far.

But Mr Dye says the company has been receiving inquiries from interested parties here and overseas.