29 Sep 2009

Two injured after plane crash on Great Barrier Island

7:45 pm on 29 September 2009

A pilot and a passenger have been injured after their light plane crashed on Great Barrier Island, 90km northeast of Auckland.

The Great Barrier Airlines plane was carrying two pilots and four passengers. It was bound for Auckland when it crashed into swamp near the runway about 1.15pm on Tuesday.

The airline says it is not known why the Piper Cherokee 6 failed to climb after take-off.

The pilot and passenger suffered moderate back injuries and are being taken by rescue helicopter to Auckland Hospital.

Deputy operations manager Mike Maguire says Great Barrier Airlines has been flying to the island since 1983 and maintenance was up-to-date.

Mr Maguire says there was a crosswind at the time of the crash, but that should not have caused problems.