3 Oct 2009

Council wants 1080 poison drops stopped nationally

5:08 pm on 3 October 2009

Taupo District Council has voted to stop using aerial drops of 1080 poison to eradicate possums in the area.

The Council now plans to lobby the government to stop aerial drops across the country.

District Mayor Rick Cooper said scattering 1080 from helicopters over large areas of land is uncontrolled and puts waterways at risk.

Mr Cooper says it's not the chemical itself, but the method of delivery which causes the most concern.

Earlier this year the Westland District Council also voted to stop aerial drops of the poison.

Taupo councillors supported a system which would include trapping possums instead.

Councillor Don Ormsby said there is nowhere in the district's bush that is not accessible by foot and possums can therefore be trapped throughout the area.