15 Oct 2009

Buses back in Auckland

9:03 am on 15 October 2009

NZBus and the Combined Unions will resume negotiations on Thursday after agreeing to resume bus services in Auckland.

The buses are back in business after NZBus agreed on Wednesday to end a lockout of drivers and the Combined Unions agreed to suspend a work-to-rule notice.

However, the unions say further industrial action can't be ruled out.

Spokesperson Karl Andersen says nothing has been resolved over the past seven days.

He says a recommendations by a facilitator from the Employment Relations Authority are not suitable, but have provided a base to work from.

NZ Bus says the dispute has not been a good advertisement for its services. Operations manager Zane Fulljames says both the company and the unions will have to work to rebuild the trust of commuters.

10.5% pay offer rejected

About 80,000 passengers were affected after 700 buses were taken out of service on Thursday last week.

Unions earlier issued a work-to-rule notice after rejecting an offer by NZBus of a 10.5% pay increase, spread over three years.