16 Oct 2009

NZ Games executive rejects Delhi criticism

3:18 pm on 16 October 2009

Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive, New Zealander Mike Hooper, says he won't be leaving Delhi despite organisers saying he should be replaced.

Mr Hooper has spent the last two years in the host city for next year's Games as the main link between Delhi and the Federation.

Suresh Kalmadi, the head of the 2010 Delhi committee, says Mr Hooper has not proved beneficial to the organising committee, has been of no use and should be replaced.

Mike Hooper described the statement as an unfortunate personal attack.

The Federation has said India is behind schedule in almost all aspects of preparation, and Mr Hooper says Games planning would be even further behind if he had not been there for the past two years.

In a statement released on Monday, Federation president Mike Fennell revealed the concerns over slow progress made constructing the various venues, the BBC reports.

Delhi has been undertaking major infrastructure work, including the installation of new metro lines, in preparation for next year.

Transport was highlighted as one problem area by Mr Fennell, along with others ranging from ticketing and accommodation to accreditation and logistics.

The statement said a technical committee, which will meet every month, was being set up to meet to monitor progress and report back with their findings.