27 Oct 2009

Second man accused of war medals theft in court

5:38 pm on 27 October 2009

All evidence given as part of a depositions hearing for a second man charged in relation to the theft of war medals from the National Army Museum has been suppressed.

The 96 medals, including nine Victoria Crosses, were stolen from the museum in Waiouru in December 2007 but returned in February 2008 when a reward was paid.

Judge Paul Barber granted an application for continued name suppression for the man on Tuesday.

The judge suppressed all evidence given as part of the case on the grounds it could prejudice any future trial.

Crown prosecutor Lance Rowe and defence lawyer Jeremy Bioletti agreed that the suppression orders were appropriate.

The man has been charged with one count of theft. The depositions hearing is being held at Wanganui District Court and is expected to take up to three weeks.

Medal thief's identity still under wraps

The identity of the man jailed for his part in the theft of war medals is to remain secret for a while longer.

The 39-year-old career criminal was sentenced last week to 11 years for taking the medals and a number of other crimes.

His name suppression was lifted, but his defence lawyer has now filed an appeal against that decision.

A date is yet to be set for the hearing.