29 Oct 2009

Customs intercepts record amounts of meth ingredients

6:38 pm on 29 October 2009

The Customs Service has told Parliament it is on track to seize a tonne of methamphetamine pre-cursors this year.

In the first nine months of the year, Customs officers intercepted almost 800kg of ephedrine and pseudoepherine products, which are used to make the drug 'P'.

That is more than the total amount seized in any previous year.

Chief executive Martyn Dunne told Parliament's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee that better profiling was leading to increasing interception rates.

Due to a "surge" of officers, he said there had been "spectacular results" in the past four weeks, including one seizure of 110kg.

Mr Dunne says the interceptions are having an impact on the street, with the cost of methamphetamine pre-cursors rising considerably in recent months.

Mr Dunne told Checkpoint he believes organised criminals are bringing in more precursors in the hope only some of them will be detected.