3 Nov 2009

Crime nationwide concerns NZers more than locally

3:42 pm on 3 November 2009

A survey measuring perceptions of crime shows New Zealanders are less concerned with crime in their neighbourhood than they are with crime throughout the country.

The Victoria University survey found 63.2% of respondents felt crime was not a serious problem where they lived, compared with other areas, but 79.8% felt crime was a serious problem in New Zealand as a whole.

A total of 1434 people took part in the survey, which focussed on four areas varying in socio-economic status, demographic profile, and police recorded crime rates.

It indicated all areas largely disassociated crime from their own communities, and were more concerned about overall crime in New Zealand.

One of the survey's co-authors, Trevor Bradley of Victoria University's Institute of Criminology, says the findings indicate the public does not regard crime and disorder as escalating or that there are serious problems in local neighbourhoods.

He says the survey reflects a contradiction between how crime is portrayed in the media and the reality of crime experienced in the community.