12 Nov 2009

'Undercover', says ex-officer accused over prostitute

8:11 pm on 12 November 2009

A former police officer accused of bribing a prostitute for sex says he was working undercover and trying to get the woman to become an informant.

Nathan Connolly was a 28-year-old constable in the traffic unit when he was arrested in late 2007.

He is on trial in the High Court at Christchurch accused of corruptly obtaining a bribe and using the information to get free sex from a prostitute.

The Crown says Mr Connolly coerced the woman into having sex, instead of him writing her tickets for traffic infringements.

The jury watched a video of a police interview, in which Mr Connolly said he first met the complainant as a client when he was 18 and then struck up a relationship about 2005, when he was a police officer.

Mr Connolly said he was working undercover, and was trying to get the complainant to become an informant.

He said she provided sexual favours for him, one time in his patrol car because she thought it would be kinky, but he never paid for it.

The trial continues next week.