16 Nov 2009

Police bust driver's licence forgery ring

4:57 pm on 16 November 2009

The Auckland Police have busted a driver's licence forgery ring involving hundreds of students.

They say the operation came to light after they found five North Shore students using forged licences which gave their ages as over 18.

A Cambodian student, 17, has been charged with forgery.

Police seized a computer and are now contacting the hundreds of young people on its database whom they believe have bought forged driver's licences for $100 each.

Detective Sergeant James Watson says the licences have been used mostly by 17-year-old students from at least 15 Auckland schools to buy alcohol and get into licensed premises.

He says they are very good copies but do not have the hologram that is on authentic driving licences. If used at night they could be passed off as genuine, he said, but not if examined closely.

He says a number of students have been contacted, and most have been let off with a caution.

However, he says those believed to have more sinister motives for using the licences could still face prosecution.