24 Nov 2009

Man breaks down recalling fatal knife attack

8:38 pm on 24 November 2009

The subject of an alleged attempted murder broke down in the High Court at Auckland as he recalled details about the night he and his friend were attacked by two men armed with kitchen knives.

Two 20-year-old men whose names have been suppressed are on trial for the murder of Daryl Graydon, and for attempting to murder Campbell Sussex, nearly two years ago.

Mr Sussex told the court that he and Mr Graydon had been involved in an altercation with the accused, who later confronted them in Howick brandishing kitchen knives, and taunted them, saying "knifey, knifey."

When he and Mr Graydon ran away, Mr Sussex said, the accused chased after them. One swung at him with a knife but missed when he slipped over. He saw the other man stab his friend.

Mr Graydon bled to death.

Witness says accused was punched in face

Another witness, Hayley Sullivan, was at a party with Mr Graydon and Mr Sussex the night the attack took place.

She said she and a group of men encountered the accused on their way to a pub and a fight ensued, during which Mr Graydon allegedly punched one of the accused in the face.

The Crown says the accused hatched a plan for retribution and tracked down Mr Graydon and Mr Sussex before attacking them.