24 Nov 2009

$1m pledged to promote Student Job Search

8:38 pm on 24 November 2009

The Government has unveiled plans to spend nearly $1 million promoting Student Job Search (SJS) this summer.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says the campaign will encourage businesses and individuals to take on students over the summer holidays.

She admits, however, that with more than 160,000 students registered with SJS - 60% more than at the same time last year - finding a job this summer will be hard for some.

The call is going out to employers and to anyone who needs work done around a business or around the house, she says.

The Labour Party is welcoming the new plan but says the Government has left its run too late.

Deputy leader Annette King says Ms Bennett should have been on top of the issue sooner, saying she'd been asked to do something weeks ago.