2 Dec 2009

Protesters to use Maori song to disrupt whalers

6:20 am on 2 December 2009

A song about the Maori god of the sea will be used to try to put Japanese whalers off their work this summer in the Southern Ocean.

The music will be coming from the boat Ady Gil - formerly known as Earthrace - which is now part of an anti-whaling protest run by the group Sea Shepherd.

Skipper Pete Bethune says his job is to help disrupt the whalers by intercepting their harpoon vessels and playing the song Tangaroa, by Tiki Taane, at them at very high volume.

"It's a pretty spooky dark song and it's got this sort of ethereal Maori chant going on it and I don't think they'll like it at all.

"It's a little bit of mind games. We're not down there to make friends with them - we're down there to intimidate them and disrupt them and see what we can do to make life difficult."