2 Dec 2009

Taskforce plans second report on economy in 2010

12:24 pm on 2 December 2009

A government-appointed taskforce set up to find ways of closing New Zealand's income gap with Australia within 16 years, will make its next report in a year's time.

The 2025 Taskforce's first report released this week has not found initial favour with the National-led Government or other political parties.

It recommends slashing government spending to the level it was five years ago.

Taskforce chair Don Brash says the group has only spent $150,000 of the $470,000 it has been allocated over three years.

Dr Brash, a former leader of the National Party and Reserve Bank governor, says the taskforce's role is to make recommendations to the Government, then monitor the progress of those recommendations which he hopes will be "substantial".