3 Dec 2009

Major crackdown coming on dairies selling liquor

10:00 pm on 3 December 2009

The Alcohol Advisory Council says a move to stop dairies selling liquor is a positive step towards moderating alcohol use.

In a landmark decision, the Liquor Licensing Authority has announced that it intends to reclassify convenience stores as dairies, rather than grocery stores, so they'll therefore be unable to sell liquor.

The first store likely to be affected is the Victoria Night 'n Day opposite the Christchurch Casino, which will probably lose its liquor licence when it comes up for renewal in March.

Hundreds of such stores around the country are likely to be similarly affected.

ALAC says too many convenience stores have been able to get liquor licences, and Sergeant Al Lawn, of the Christchurch police alcohol strategy and enforcement team, says dairies are over-represented in sting operations: some sell alcohol to children as young as 10, he says.

Sergeant Lawn expects the police nationally will begin opposing liquor licences for dairies as they come up for renewal.